What will help the diabetic?

What will help the diabetic?If you the fan of tea of mate, for certain though upon its purchase selling assistants recommended to drink once surely it not with sugar and at all with honey, and with stevia extract. What represents this mysterious plant? It appears, it not only a universal sakharozamenitel, but also fine natural medicine for patients with diabetes.

Gift from Paraguay

Stevia (or «a honey grass») – a perennial plant of family astrovy, very sweet on taste because of the maintenance of a difficult molecule – стевиозида. It is vitamin-rich, essential oils, флавоноидами and minerals. The homeland of this plant – Paraguay. Even before opening by Columbus Ameriki Indians of a tribe of the Guarani put a stevia leaflet in tea instead of sugar or honey. And in Japan after the tragedy in Hiroshima a stevia entered in the program of rescue of the nation and forbade to take out from the country. And all because it removes toxins and radio nuclides from an organism and increases immunity. Thus a stevia absolutely некалорийна and from it it is impossible to recover. It does not cause caries, as sugar and consequently around the world it already add in toothpastes.

But there is more to come. Passing in China in 1990 the IX World symposium on problems of diabetes and longevity confirmed that a stevia promote increase of level of biopower possibilities of the person. As a result of the carried-out medicobiological, hygienic, biochemical and physical and chemical researches it was established that the stevia, unlike modern synthetic substitutes of sugar (saccharin, ацесульфата, аспартама, etc.), is harmless and has no side effects. According to the conclusion of ENTs Russian Academy of Medical Science of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, glycosides of a stevia possess hypotensive, reparativny, immunomodulating and bactericidal properties. In a human body the stevia is not exposed to a metabolism and is easily deduced. Physicians recommend to use a stevia instead of sugar at diabetes, a hypertension, coronary heart disease and a metabolic disorder.

«Grow itself!»

To grow up a stevia it is possible at itself at a dacha, as a garden radish or fennel. For this purpose better проращивать stevia seeds in a hotbed, and then to land in open soil in together with tomatoes. The plant very much loves water, but is afraid of remoistening therefore to water it it is necessary often, but on slightly. Before watering the earth it is better прорыхлить, and to water not at the roots, and between ranks. The stevia does not transfer some cold water and low temperature. When it reaches высоты0,5 meter, it can be cut off to the basis and to dry in a shadow. And at the end of August of a rhizome of a plant it is necessary to replace carefully in a pot with the earth and to store all winter in a cellar or on a window sill. In March it will surely flush. And here stevia seeds in the conditions of Moscow area do not grow ripe therefore to make multiple copies it it is possible only an escape top: to plant to the soil and to cover with a glass jar.

From leaves of a stevia it is possible to prepare extract in house conditions and then to add to taste in any dishes instead of sugar. For this purpose it is necessary to wash out and fill in the whole leaves of a stevia with medical alcohol (it is possible vodka), to close a skintight cover and to leave for days. Liquid to filter. The content of alcohol can be lowered. For decrease in the content of alcohol extract needs to be heated up slowly on weak fire, but not to boil. (As it is possible to prepare and water extract of a stevia, but then sweet glycosides not so fully экстрагируются, as alcohol).

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