On March 20 – the International meatless day

On March 20 – the International meatless dayToday, on March 20, the International meatless day is celebrated.

As reports yogajournal.ru, for the first time «vegetarian day» was celebrated in 1985, and by the present moment many countries try to bring feasibly a contribution in its celebration, extending ideas of care of ecology, a healthy lifestyle and vegetarianism – «diets without violence», recommended WHO. Top-level the authorities of tens states urge to sympathize with animals and to refuse eating meat, at least for one day. Today many restaurants and shops of the world refused meat sale. Last year this day in Sri Lanka it was impossible to buy or eat anywhere even fowl.

In Petersburg today the action organized by the center of protection of the rights of animals of "Vit" during which leaflets with the text are distributed also is conducted: «If you not the vegetarian, please, consider possibility personally to refuse meat for one day».

Yesterday at office "Interfax" press conference on a subject took place: «The international meatless day – chance for a planet, people and animals. Vegetarian movement in Russia grows».

For the rest Moscow in the International meatless day does not participate.

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