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Why the breast hurts?

Why the breast hurts?A breast pain can be connected with a hormonal imbalance, infections, new growths (good-quality and malignant), with a way of life (absence of sexual contacts, smoking, stresses, improper feeding), with traumas and a menstrual cycle. Sometimes the feeling of discomfort is connected with existence of some diseases. So, we will find out, why the breast hurts?

Mastopatiya. Diffuznoye or central change of a fabric of the mammary glands, being characterized Continue reading

How to calculate an ovulation

How to calculate an ovulationIn 2008 the Belgian scientists absolutely casually made some shots of the moment of an ovulation, that is an exit of the ripened ovum of a yaichnik (see a photo). Unique pictures were made by group of doctors under the direction of professor Jacques Donna (Jacques Donnez) during operation on partial removal of a uterus which was led to the 45-year-old woman in hospital of Catholic university Luvena (Brussels). The moment of an exit of an ovum from Continue reading