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Secrets of coltsfoot

Secrets of coltsfootThis small yellow floret the first appears after winter on wood hillocks, along coast of the rivers, and even within the city – directly on hardly ottaivshy lawns that have not yet been set with ornamental plants. It not only pleases the eye, but also is irreplaceable for health strengthening in spring avitaminosis.

The speaking name

Coltsfoot – a perennial grassy plant of family astrovy. Its Latin name occurs from the words "tussis" Continue reading

What will help the diabetic?

What will help the diabetic?If you the fan of tea of mate, for certain though upon its purchase selling assistants recommended to drink once surely it not with sugar and at all with honey, and with stevia extract. What represents this mysterious plant? It appears, it not only a universal sakharozamenitel, but also fine natural medicine for patients with diabetes.

Gift from Paraguay

Stevia (or «a honey grass») – a perennial plant of family astrovy, very sweet on taste Continue reading

Nettle: awful and useful

Nettle: awful and usefulWhy it awful, clearly to everyone who though was stung" once by its leaves. And here about advantage of this surprising plant, appearing in the spring, it is possible to speak to one of the first long. For example, in nettle leaves in a heat such perishable goods as meat and fish perfectly remain. As to its improving influence on a human body is a conversation special …

Burning beauty

Nettle dvudomny – a perennial grassy plant from family Continue reading

The doctor for cold from your window sill

The doctor for cold from your window sillMany plants, in this or that look a part of drugs for cold, it is possible to grow up in house conditions and with success to use. First of all, the kalanchoe which for its medical properties in the people call simply – «the house doctor» belongs to their number.

Brother of an aloe

Kalanchoe – a sort of succulent plants of family tolstyankovy (his close relative is all known for an aloe). Its homeland – hot tropics. This perennial grassy plant Continue reading

Borders of application of skipidarny baths

Borders of application of skipidarny bathsThe person who is interested in natural methods of improvement, for certain heard more than once about Zalmanov’s skipidarny baths. Abram Solomonovich Zalmanov was born in Russia in 1875. Upon termination of a gymnasium it arrived in the Moscow university on medical faculty. Further also actively was engaged in a yurispurdentsiya, comparative linguistics and history. And still Zalmanov became the doctor, the expert with a world name at which eminent Continue reading

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