More than any stomatologists in India!

More than any stomatologists in India!In the Indian staff Keral stomatologists literally do not know «where on all teeth to find», and predict fast unemployment. Surplus of the marked experts brought in this region to that the Association of stomatologists of India decided on a compulsory measure – carrying out campaign under the slogan «More than any stomatologic colleges!»

In Kerala is 20 private and 3 state colleges which are annually letting out 1300 experts for dental surgeries. Educational institutions regularly submit demands for increase in places for students. The authorities of staff indulge them and, despite protests of Stomatologic council of India, issue the state certificates to new profile colleges. As a result, in staff with the population in 33 million people there was simply a chasm of stomatologists – the whole 10 thousand. As a whole, in India a situation same. The ratio of dentists to patients makes 1:3500 that is much higher recommended by World Health Organization (WHO) according to which, it should make 1 to 7500. Taking into account growth of number of stomatologic colleges in India the proportion will shortly come nearer to record values 1:1000.

Still rather recently the profession of the dentist was considered in the country prestigious and highly paid, but today stomatologists became too much, many young specialists with diplomas of doctors willingly register in clerks and go to work in insurance and business medicine sectors, go to Canada or Great Britain. Because of an obvious surplus of stomatologists it appeared them more favorable to work in agriculture or in the textile industry.

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