Hamburger from synthetic meat

Hamburger from synthetic meatAs «the Moscow Komsomol member» reports, in Vancouver at an annual meeting of the American association for advance of a science (AAAS) the Dutch professor Mark Post showed to expert community the slice of a muscular fabric grown up in vitro in length about 2 see, width 1 see and thickness approximately in 1 mm. A main goal of the scientist – creation of synthetic beef, the main component «a hamburger from a test tube».

The edition of Financial Times published hot assurances of the professor that the test sample of an artificial sandwich will appear in the autumn of 2012. This culinary "masterpiece" becomes the most expensive hamburger in the history – the investor allocated with the scientist a grant for its creation at a rate of 250 thousand euros. Today meat from a test tube looks not so appetizingly: its fibers are deprived of blood therefore have pale yellow color because of what as eyewitnesses speak, reminds a squid. However Mark Post is sure that by October the product will look and be felt as meat, and the synthesized quantity – about 3000 fibers – just will suffice for preparation of one cutlet. The well-known British chef Heston Blumenthal, one of founders of molecular kitchen will prepare, and the right to try an unusual dish will get, most likely, to that investor.

As researchers believe, the meat made by an artificial way at the enterprises, will be more balanced on structure and not such ecologically harmful as meat of the animals who have been grown up on farms. Addressing to colleagues on the scientific congress in Canada, the head of work Mark Post reported that synthetic meat in the future will be capable to reduce negative impact of animal husbandry by environment for 60 %. Patrick Brown, the biologist from Stanford University, at all argues that the modern animal husbandry became inefficient and became outdated. In his opinion, it conducts us to the greatest ecological accident. Scientists predict by 2050 of 60 %-ny growth of requirement for meat and real wars for it which will take place in connection with an increase in population of India, China and the African countries. Arguing on the work and the purpose, Mark Post told: «The vegetarian on "Hammer" is much less harmful to environment, than мясоед on a bicycle».

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