Meeting in Virzhiny against investment of germs with the civil rights

Meeting in Virzhiny against investment of germs with the civil rightsWomen in Virginia made a mass protest against the adoption of law allocating a germ with human rights and two other bills, reducing availability of abortions, writes Associated Press.

The silent meeting totaling about one thousand participants, mainly women, passed on February 20 under windows of a building of legislative assembly of staff.

The gathered made a protest against the bill allocating an embryo with the civil rights. With its help republicans plan to forbid abortions in the long term. This law already successfully passed vote in the lower house of parliament.

The second law which has caused indignation of women, obliges them to pass ultrasonic inspection before abortion. Authors of the law hope that the show of the life growing in it, will force the woman to refuse the accepted decision. This document already also passed discussion in the lower house, and also was accepted by the staff Senate.

The third bill of republicans on the same subject, already approved by profile committee of the Senate, and also caused negodovaniye at the population, provides reduction of volumes of the financial help to women from needy families on abortion procedure.

The Republican Party has the majority in the lower house of parliament and a half of places in the top. If congressmen do not listen to opinion of the public, it will not be possible to avoid adoption of laws.

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