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Project «Zemsky doctor»: on the village with one million

Project «Zemsky doctor»: on the village with one millionSpeaking at the next meeting of Presidium of the Government of the Russian Federation, Minister Tatyana Golikova told about the program of support of young doctors which are ready to work in rural areas. Within this undertaking since 2012 to each young specialist, wished to work at the village, it will be allocated 1 million rubles elevating. It was declared that the experts who have moved to rural areas in 2011 and 2012 can take part in the program.

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Than the fake of the medical book threatens?

Than the fake of the medical book threatens?The medical book is a peculiar analog of the passport of the person in health system. Existence of the document says that his owner is healthy and can work in establishments and at the enterprises demanding special observance of sanitary standards. The medical book comprises history of the passable inspections, the handed-over analyses and the made inoculations. All medical books issued by an official way, have some extents of protection. One Continue reading

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