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Competition «The most creative!»

Competition «The most creative!»For participation in competition on the most original avatar will enough leave the comment under this article with already filled avatar and the short explanation to it: as though you called it or that it means etc.

At the end of competition edition of a site will choose «the hot five» the most original, in our opinion, avatars, and all wishing can vote for the most pleasant.

The participant, for whose option will vote the majority of users Continue reading

Energy saving lamps increase risk of development of a cancer

Energy saving lamps increase risk of development of a cancerIn Israel the large-scale advertizing campaign financed at the expense of the state operates and calling the population to pass from ordinary filament lamps to the energy saving. Within this campaign the consumer is offered to get three energy saving bulbs for only 20 shekels (about 5 dollars). «These lamps not only help to save money of buyers, but also substantially reduce electricity consumption», – the minister of infrastructure of Ultrasonography Continue reading

The pleasure from process of a cognizance new is stronger some cocaine

The pleasure from process of a cognizance new is stronger some cocaineExperiments established that pleasure from process of knowledge can exceed euphoria from the use of drugs, writes

Scientists from University of Nebraska made experiment with the rats dependent on cocaine. Animals of the first group received low (7,5 mg/kg), averages (20 mg/kg) and high (30 mg/kg) drug doses, and the second – the fixed dose (10 mg/kg), but during different time: 1 day, 2 weeks or 4 weeks. Neurophysiologists tried to Continue reading

The analgetic which it is possible to supervise

is created

The analgetic which it is possible to superviseThe analgetic of new generation was created by the European and American biologists. The innovation is that the preparation is photosensitive. Respectively it can be "included" and "switched off" by means of impulses of green and dark-violet light, reports RIA Novosti news agency.

During work on search of the controllable version of lidocaine experts led by Richard Kramer from the Californian University paid attention Continue reading

English medicine for baldness

English medicine for baldnessThe HIS (Hair-Ink-Skin) company offered the British men an innovative way of fight against baldness – drawing on skin of the special tattoos simulating a short hairstyle. According to statistical calculations, in Great Britain about 10 million men suffer from baldness. Developers of new technology considered that a strong half of mankind experiences unfairly great difficulties (and in private life, and on work), connected with this unpleasant external Continue reading

In Moscow attacked the medical assistant of fast

In Moscow attacked the medical assistant of fastIn the northwest of Moscow the inadequate driver did not divide the road with ambulance car. After verbal sparring it snatched out a baseball bat and beat it the medical assistant fast then sat down in the car and left.

Physicians delivered the injured colleague in the next fracture clinic where to it rendered the necessary help. Fortunately, traumas appeared not heavy.

Employees of the fast remembered brand and machine numbers attacking and Continue reading

In the Netherlands there will be mobile brigades эвтаназиологов

In the Netherlands there will be mobile brigades эвтаназиологовThe Netherlands clinic specializing on performance of euthanasia, forms mobile brigades, writes Interfax.

Six mobile teams for departure on the house will carry out «deadly injections» the patient which doctors refused to them this service.

As the member of society «Explained the right to die» Valburg de Yoong (Walburg de Jong) if the patient considers itself has the right to count on euthanasia, he can be registered at such brigade which will Continue reading

Medicine for an illness of the last Russian tsar

is found

Medicine for an illness of the last Russian tsarSuch assumption was stated by the staff of University college of London and Sacred Judas Children’s research hospital. In their opinion, in the near future for the patients having hemophilia of type B (it still call «an imperial illness»), there will be enough one injection forever to get rid of drug intake.

As the reason of hemophilia of type B the mutation serves in the X-chromosome: the organism does not develop a protein «a factor Continue reading

British consider necessary to specify on drugs their suitability for vegetarians

British consider necessary to specify on drugs their suitability for vegetariansThe group of experts of Great Britain suggested the pharmaceutical companies to mark medicines as suitable or not suitable for vegetarians, reports BBC.

Physicians from the Royal clinic of Manchester (Manchester Royal Infirmary) came to a conclusion that many people who are not using in food products of an animal origin, take the pills containing those, and do not know about it.

Poll of 500 patients of a clinic showed that about 200 people do Continue reading

The new type of a depression

is open

The new type of a depressionScientists sound alarm: more and more the people who are spending much time in social networks, suffer from the lowered self-image and a depression. Last year the American Academy of Pediatrics published research about influence on mentality of excessive communication in social networks in which the name "Facebook-depression" was appropriated to a new disease.

This year sociologists from University of a valley of Utah continued Continue reading