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The medical train Academician Feodor Uglov will visit the Irkutsk region

With The medical train Academician Feodor Uglov will visit the Irkutsk region13 till March 25 the mobile consulting and diagnostic center (PKDTs) "Academician Feodor Uglov" will visit 13 stations of the Tayshetsky region of the Irkutsk region: Biryusinsk, Yurtas, Taishet, Nevelsky, Parchum, Novochunka, Pine springs, Chuna, Keshevo, Turma.

"Academician Feodor Uglov" is structural division of non-state establishment of health care «Road clinical hospital on the station Irkutsk – Passenger JSC RZhD Continue reading

The rejected man – the potential alcoholic?

The rejected man – the potential alcoholic?Scientists from University of California made unusual experiment on fruit front sights. They placed man’s individuals of front sights in the closed space where there were the females ready to pairing, and indifferent to it. As a result: the rejected males consumed more solution from 15 % alcohol, than their happy rivals.

Scientists are convinced that alcohol stimulates a brain also as well as sex, giving feeling of compensation. To all fault F Continue reading

And well, gentlemen! Competition of recipes by March 8 proceeds.

And well, gentlemen! Competition of recipes by March 8 proceeds.Dear representatives of a strong half of mankind!

Competition «The most culinary!» proceeds.

On the threshold of a spring holiday on March 8 you can take part in it only.

Than you plan to indulge the soulmate in the day off? No, about traditional coffee with cakes in a bed cannot be and speeches. Here it is necessary to think up something more festive and at the same time – useful to health.

Want to make the darling (mother, the sister, Continue reading

In Russia will let out the western antineoplastic and antiviral preparations

In Russia will let out the western antineoplastic and antiviral preparationsRUSNANO and the Domain Associates LLC company specializing on innovative projects in the field of medicine and biotechnologies, declared creation of the joint project directed on development of the Russian market of health care.

They signed the investment agreement within which in Russia release of a number of innovative drugs will be adjusted, including antineoplastic and antiviral means, and also preparations for treatment of cardiovascular Continue reading

Scientists opened 2 new blood types

Scientists opened 2 new blood typesThe university of Vermont declares: in the nature there are six blood types. Besides already known I, II, III and IV groups, scientists revealed two more – Langerays and Dzhunior, reports "RBC" referring to Science Daily.

The head of research group Brian Ballif tells: "The problem of incompatibility of blood such as Langerays or Dzhunior at transfusion is quite rare. But there are groups of risk with an obvious ethnic component. Continue reading

The Indian smokers treat mourning march

The Indian smokers treat mourning marchThe antismoking company in India accepted quite freakish forms after experts noticed that frightening inscriptions on cigaret packs «Ministry of Health warns…», ceased to operate. Now smokers in the frighten steel country execution of a melody of Raan Naam Satya Hai which it is possible to consider as the Indian analog of mourning march of Chopin.

The most interesting in that Raan Naam Satya Hai sounds from now on on the Indian streets at booths Continue reading

Remedy for racism is found?

Remedy for racism is found?The British doctors assumed that the reason of racism is the fear which can be blocked medicines. In particular, the propranolol which is applying to treatment of heart diseases.

Scientists from Great Britain made experiment in which two groups on 18 people with white skin color took part. To the first group offered a tablet – the "baby’s dummy" which is not containing active chemicals, and the second – propranolol. In 2 hours after Continue reading

Meeting in Virzhiny against investment of germs with the civil rights

Meeting in Virzhiny against investment of germs with the civil rightsWomen in Virginia made a mass protest against the adoption of law allocating a germ with human rights and two other bills, reducing availability of abortions, writes Associated Press.

The silent meeting totaling about one thousand participants, mainly women, passed on February 20 under windows of a building of legislative assembly of staff.

The gathered made a protest against the bill allocating an embryo with the civil rights. With its help Continue reading

The alarm protein causing obesity

is found

The alarm protein causing obesityNoggin – the glikozilirovanny protein known still for the effect of suppression of a signaling of BMP at the expense of isolation of a receptor of BMP.

The American scientists from TheUniversityofAlabamaatBirmingham opened new property of this protein. It appeared that there is a mechanism, thanks to which noggin directly induces a differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MOSCOW TIME) in адипоциты (cages of a fatty fabric), regardless Continue reading

Extract of a hydrangea slows down aging

Extract of a hydrangea slows down agingTo such conclusion researchers came from the Harward university in the USA, having studied the biochemical mechanism of effect of vegetative extract raw materials for which is the type of a hydrangea – Dichroa febrifuga widespread in Tibet and Nepal.

In traditional Chinese medicine this extract is known under the name "Chanshan" and is successfully applied to malaria treatment.

Active component of extract of a hydrangea is the substance Continue reading