Nettle: awful and useful

Nettle: awful and usefulWhy it awful, clearly to everyone who though was stung" once by its leaves. And here about advantage of this surprising plant, appearing in the spring, it is possible to speak to one of the first long. For example, in nettle leaves in a heat such perishable goods as meat and fish perfectly remain. As to its improving influence on a human body is a conversation special …

Burning beauty

Nettle dvudomny – a perennial grassy plant from family krapivny, height до150 cm, with a powerful creeping rhizome. Leaves have a heart-shaped form. The plant is covered with long burning hairs. Young escapes appear at the beginning of April. The nettle grows in ravines, near the thrown structures, mainly in wood and forest-steppe zones of Russia. Its leaves contain vitamins C, And, В1, В2, carotene, iron, magnesium, copper, фитонциды, organic acids, tannins, starch and protein.

Today it is proved that preparations from a nettle (and it is a part of many gastric grassy collecting) raise the content in blood of hemoglobin and erythrocytes, improve a metabolism, and also are an effective prophylactic at overfatigue and promote working capacity increase. Leaves are applied by Krapivnye in medicine at hypo – and avitaminosis. Extract and tincture from leaves of a nettle appoint at uterine, nephritic, intestinal, pulmonary and other internal bleedings. Broth reduces sugar level in blood at diabetes. Has anti-inflammatory effect at liver diseases, cuts, paralyses and arthritises. Leaves also are a part of a zhelchegonny preparation "Allokhol".

Pay attention: broth of a nettle is categorically contraindicated at pregnancy as can provoke premature birth; also it is not recommended to accept krapivosoderzhashchy preparations at varicose expansion of veins and thrombophlebitises.

Salutary force

In Russia the nettle which in the people call "zhguchka" and «стрекава», was widely known as a remedy in the XVII century. In villages brooms from a nettle (which previously scalded boiled water) local sorcerers soared in baths of the people suffering from pains in a waist, articulate rheumatism and osteochondrosis.

In traditional medicine water infusion of a nettle (3 tablespoons of the crushed grass on 2 glasses of boiled water to insist 4 hours to filter, accept during the day in the small portions) apply at diseases of a liver and bilious ways, dropsy, locks, hysteria, epilepsy, fever. Appoint it and outwardly – as rinsing at quinsy, periodontosis and stomatitis.

Strong infusion from krapivny leaves (3 tablespoons on 1 glass of boiled water to insist 6 hours) possesses antimicrobic action. It used for lotions at not healing wounds, ulcers, herpes and burns, and also for strengthening of hair at baldness.

Broth of roots of a nettle (15 gizmelchenny roots to make in 1 glass of boiling water to insist 15-30 minutes and to drink on 2-3 tablespoons once a day) is recommended as krovoochistitelny means at eels, furuncles and helminthic invasions.

For a healthy food

And the nettle on a dining table is still good. Especially in the spring when the organism does not have enough vitamins because in its very young leaflets of ascorbic acid contains twice more than in fruits of a black currant. (By the way, in Krapivn’s village of the Shchyokinsky region of Tula region annually, since 2002, «The nettle festival» during which, in addition, fans of this useful plant share with each other culinary recipes is held. No wonder, what exactly the nettle is represented on the coat of arms of this village).

Salad from a nettle. 300 g of young leaves of a nettle, 200 g of a sorrel and a plantain, 50 g of leaves of a dandelion, 100 g of green onions properly to wash out, dry, small to cut (or to pass through a meat grinder). Then to lay out in a plate and to mix with two eggs cut on small slices cooked in to Water sunflower (or olive) oil and to salt to taste.

Milkshake. 3 tablespoons of small cut greens (a nettle, parsley, fennel, a dandelion, leaves of a black currant, green onions) to mix with 4 glasses of kefir (or curdled milks) and properly to shake up in a mixer. To salt to taste and to drink the cooled.

Omelette with a nettle. Young escapes and stalks of a nettle are good for washing out and scalding boiled water, small to cut, fill in with an omletny mix and to bake in a frying pan. Before giving on a table to decorate with fresh greens.

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