Journalists and doctors will organize the project «Healthy environment»

Journalists and doctors will organize the project «Healthy environment»The action «Healthy environment», urged to help citizens to watch over the health and propagandizing ideas of a healthy lifestyle, starts in Russia in March, 2012.

Initiators of the project are the known cardiologist, the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Chazov and the chairman of the Union of journalists of Russia Vsevolod Bogdanov.

As Bogdanov on press conferences, "project" the healthy environment» explained includes a series of lectures of known physicians and scientists, seminars, master classes with recommendations of doctors about the most thorny questions in the sphere of health care which will pass since March every Wednesday within several months in the House of the journalist». «Initiating this project, we, first of all, thought that it is necessary to arrange a certain dialogue between doctors and those who needs their help. We do not want, that it there were didactic lectures, we want to create easy communication between experts and those who has problems with health», – he told, having added that «start of a series of plots about a healthy lifestyle which will be broadcast on regional TV channels and on the Internet» is planned also.

Bogdanov noted that «each lecture will be devoted to single questions in the field of medicine». So, for example, according to him, «at the first meeting the health subject in abnormally cold or hot temperatures» will be discussed. «We will invite climatologists, scientists, doctors, which will tell how to behave to the people dependent on weather, often feeling the headache and feeling sick», – were promised by Bogdanov.

In turn, academician Chazov expressed confidence that «this action will be useful to the population as the project solves a problem of increase of literacy of citizens in the field of medicine and health care».

According to organizers of an action, since March in Moscow the exit of the public weekly «Healthy environment» with recommendations of doctors is planned. Besides, according to their promise, since March in the House of the journalist work of physicians, behind consultation to which which everyone can address will be organized.


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