Japanese рентгенхирург gave a master class in Krasnoyarsk

Japanese рентгенхирург gave a master class in KrasnoyarskOne of leading experts in the world on endovaskulyarny technologies of treatment of pathologies of heart and vessels, the leader рентгенхирург Japan Toshiyya Muramatsa carried out master classes in Federal Kardiotsentr Krasnoyarska, and also gave lectures for the Russian surgeons from the regional center, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Khabarovsk and Kaliningrad, reports the DIGNITY Siberian news agency.

The professor to Muramatsa is the author of 223 scientific works on endovaskulyarny methods of treatment. For Krasnoyarsk colleagues the surgeon gave a master class on use of the last development and technologies in the field of a rekanalizatsiya of chronic okklyuziya of coronary arteries. The essence of similar miniinvasive operation is that without stopping heart and large operation it is possible to open a gleam of a coronary artery which is corked with a cholesteric plaque. These manipulations allow to restore a blood-groove at patients with coronary heart disease and a myocardial infarction. The Japanese expert spent 8 most difficult operations during stay in Krasnoyarsk кардиоцентре.

«I did not expect to see in Russia such clinic with the most modern equipment, competent doctors which own all necessary technologies in cardiovascular surgery. It is pleasant that all experts communicate with me in free English. I am impressed», – quote news agencies of a word Toshiyya Muramatsa.

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