Israel is in the lead in marihuana use in the medical purposes

Israel is in the lead in marihuana use in the medical purposesIsrael became the world leader on use of cannabis (marihuana). According to the director of psychiatric hospital "Abarbanel" Iyegud Baruch who is responsible for medical use of drug, already 9 thousand Israelis were received by the recipes allowing them to get "grass" in drugstores, and until the end of the year this figure will reach 11 thousand.

For comparison: in Canada taking the second place in the world on scales of medical application of marihuana, similar treatment is registered only to 2 thousand people, and in the Netherlands closing "three" – to less than 1,5 thousand patients.

In this regard the Israeli parliamentarians had fears that the part of «legal marihuana» is used not for the designated purpose, and the considerable number of recipes comes into the hands of people for whom cannabis is not really necessary means from the medical point of view. Deputies demanded from the authorities to put things in order in this sphere. But while the set of delays is in this case observed: still the director of special governmental agency for control of production and distribution of medical cannabis though this department was founded in August of last year is not appointed even not.

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