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Bird flu of H5N1

Bird flu of H5N1New cases. As reported by ITAR-TASS, in Indonesia in February the fourth is confirmed since the beginning of 2012 a case of death of the person from bird flu. The 12-year-old inhabitant of the Indonesian resort island of Bali became the new victim of the dangerous virus H5N1. Week earlier in Indonesia from this illness the 19-year-old girl was lost, and in January physicians confirmed two more death as a result of H5N1 infection. Thus, taking Continue reading

Carefully: rage

Carefully: rageAnnually around the world 12 million people suffer from stings of aggressive dogs. Especially it is necessary to be to careful old men and children at whom dog stings can have very serious consequences. And if besides the dog was rabid (that quite often meets among stray dogs), at a sting the virus on nervous trunks gets to a brain and can already cause by 10th day rapid development of an illness in the person. In case the sting is the share of Continue reading

How to cure cold

How to cure coldOn the average, for a year of people about three times manage to catch a cold. Symptoms which thus arise, are known for everything and to everyone: nose zalozhennost, sneezing and sore throat, general malaise, fatigue and cough. On our site you will find a maximum of information on how to cure cold.

Sore throat – the widespread satellite of catarrhal diseases. In order that the feeling of discomfort did not spoil to you "holiday", Continue reading

Gelminta – dumb animals

Gelminta - dumb animalsGelminta it is serious!

All of us once were children. There was also I. Also there was my friend. Let’s call his Sank. As well as all children, at us had a set of joint mischief. But once Sanka caused a condition of a little shock even in me. He told to me that he very much would like to learn, what milk on taste at a dog!? Arrangements not to do it did not help, and somehow he snatched the moment and settled near recently ощенившейся mongrels. Continue reading