In the Netherlands there will be mobile brigades эвтаназиологов

In the Netherlands there will be mobile brigades эвтаназиологовThe Netherlands clinic specializing on performance of euthanasia, forms mobile brigades, writes Interfax.

Six mobile teams for departure on the house will carry out «deadly injections» the patient which doctors refused to them this service.

As the member of society «Explained the right to die» Valburg de Yoong (Walburg de Jong) if the patient considers itself has the right to count on euthanasia, he can be registered at such brigade which will execute procedure.

In the medical environment the innovation caused a large number of negative responses. According to experts, need for euthanasia will be objectively defined only by the attending physician. The patient can request procedure for fatigue or a depression though it is still possible for curing.

In 10 years during which euthanasia is applied in the Netherlands on the lawful bases, every year about 3 thousand patients resort to this measure.

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