In Russia will let out the western antineoplastic and antiviral preparations

In Russia will let out the western antineoplastic and antiviral preparationsRUSNANO and the Domain Associates LLC company specializing on innovative projects in the field of medicine and biotechnologies, declared creation of the joint project directed on development of the Russian market of health care.

They signed the investment agreement within which in Russia release of a number of innovative drugs will be adjusted, including antineoplastic and antiviral means, and also preparations for treatment of cardiovascular diseases, reported ITAR-TASS in RUSNANO.

The parties plan to invest in more than 20 American biotechnological companies which develop innovative means in such directions, as pharmaceutics, biotechnologies, medical devices. For release of these products in Russia GMP production will be constructed. Exclusive rights on release and sale of these products will be transferred to territories of Russia and CIS countries to RUSNANO and Domain Associates joint venture.

The project assumes investments mainly in those companies which production is at late stages of researches or in the course of registration.

According to the chairman of the board of RUSNANO Anatoly Chubais, «projects in the field of medicine make about 20 % of a portfolio of RUSNANO». «We actively work over creation of conditions for development of innovative technologies in the field of medicine in Russia. Our country should possess possibilities to develop and let out the most modern medical preparations. It is absolutely sure that this project will make an appreciable contribution to development innovative components of pharmaceutical industry of Russia», – he told.

The general budget of the project makes 760 million dollars, including RUSNANO joint financing at a rate of 380 million dollars.

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