In Moscow passed the first Congress of traumatologists and orthopedists

In Moscow passed the first Congress of traumatologists and orthopedistsOn February 16-17, 2012 in a building of the Government of Moscow on New Arbat passed the I Congress of traumatologists and orthopedists «Traumatology and capital orthopedics. Present and future»

As organizers of the congress acted: Department of health care of the city of Moscow and Chair of traumatology and orthopedics RUDN which is based on territory of City clinical hospital No. 31. In the organization and carrying out the Congress active participation was accepted by leading experts of the Medical center KLINIKA+31:

Opened the Congress with the report on the Condition a trauma – orthopedic service of Moscow the Chief specialist on traumatology and orthopedics Zagorodny Nikolay Vasilyevich (the main traumatologist-orthopedist of Department of health care of the city of Moscow, the head of clinic of an endoprotezirovaniye of TSITO Federal State Institution of N. N. Priorov, MD, the professor).

In the following report "New anticoagulants in practice of the traumatologist-orthopedist" N. V. Zagorodny made modern recommendations about prevention of a venous tromboemboliya and ways of treatment by anticoagulants.

The leading expert on traumatology and orthopedics the Wave Andrey Anatolyevich (the associate professor of traumatology and RUDN orthopedics, к.м.н.) at scientific and practical conference "Injury of the top extremity" shined a subject: "Accesses to a clavicle for an osteosynthesis a plate"

Acting you can familiarize with reports on our site.
- Fractures of a proksimalny hip at persons of advanced and senile age.

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