In Moscow passed a seminar devoted to an endoskopichesky miotomiya

In Moscow passed a seminar devoted to an endoskopichesky miotomiyaOn March 1, 2012 passed the Scientific and educational seminar from video straight line translation «Peroralnaya an endoskopichesky miotomiya (POEMS) in treatment of an akhalaziya of a kardiya».

The Russian endoskopichesky society, the Russian national medical university of Pirogov, City clinical hospital No. 31, the Medical center KLINIKA+31 became organizers of this event.

This first day of spring the Russian doctors had honor to work in operational together with the professor of Haruhiro Inoue (Harukhiro Inoye). Its deserved glory and popularity stepped far beyond the city of Yokohama in Japan where he works now. It is possible to tell that the professor Other became universal property.

He first-ever offered and carried out a resection of an early cancer of a digestive path through эндоскоп, having used for this purpose a transparent cap. And in September, 2008 he developed clinical option and first-ever executed a peroralny endoskopichesky miotomiya at a kardiya akhalaziya at the person.

The seminar was accompanied by direct video and bilateral audio-translation from endoskopichesky operational in a conference hall.

Official languages of a seminar were – Russian and English. At carrying out endoskopichesky interventions, analysis of clinical cases and reading lecture «Technical aspects of a peroralny endoskopichesky miotomiya» consecutive transfer was carried out.

To read it is more: The first domestic experience of endoskopichesky removal of a podslizisty tumor of a gullet, by tunneling of a podslizisty layer by means of a dissektsiya

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