In India operated «Vishnu reincarnation»

In India operated «Vishnu reincarnation»Surgeons in the Indian city of Bangalore operated 7-year-old Dipak Pasvan: now at it, as at all people, two hands and two feet.

And before operation of extremities at the boy was twice more. From a stomach at Dipak grew on pair of hands and feet. People around perceived it differently. One considered the child by reincarnation of Almighty induistsky God Vishnu and treated with respect. Vishnu, on a legend, had four hands in which it keeps a lotus flower, a mace, a sink and a life wheel – чакру. Others called the boy ischadiy is malicious.

The reason of ugliness was, most likely, that at mother of the boy twins should be born, but because of the wrong development in a womb one fruit began grow in another.

The boy successfully passed rehabilitation and will freely move soon.

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