In hospitals of Omsk used dangerous oxygen

In hospitals of Omsk used dangerous oxygenDuring check by prosecutor’s office of the Omsk region it was established that 3 regional establishments of health care during carrying out reanimation of patients used oxygen of inadequate quality in the medical purposes, than threatened their life.

So, the Znamensky central regional hospital for rendering of the anesteziologo-resuscitation help to the population illegally used liquid technical oxygen of 1 grade.

In Nazyvayevsky central regional hospital, since May, 2011, technical oxygen was delivered by the businessman who is engaged in activity on operation of vzryvopozharoopasny objects. It made it on own equipment without the quality certificate of conformity on made production.

In the New Warsaw central regional hospital gaseous technical oxygen was delivered also by JSC Kommercheskoye upravleniye which does not have on it corresponding license.

Following the results of the revealed violations by Znamensky’s prosecutors, Nazyvayevsky and New Warsaw areas the representations obliging chief physicians of listed hospitals to sign contracts on supply of medical oxygen, meeting the requirements Gosstandart are brought.

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