In childrens mixes and bars of muesli arsenic

is found

In childrens mixes and bars of muesli arsenicThe organic syrup from the brown rice, added in a children’s mix, sweet bars of muesli and other products is dangerous because of the raised content in it of arsenic, reports MEDdaily portal referring to News.Discovery.

The group of experts under the direction of Brian Jackson, the chemist from Dartmutsky college in Hanover (New Gempshir), analysed structure of 17 mixes for baby food, 29 grades of bars of muesli and 3 sports power engineering specialists. Necessary scientists bought all in neighboring supermarkets. As it appeared, existence as a part of a rice syrup, rice flakes, a rice flour or rice grains in times increases concentration of arsenic in a total product. The sweet bar, for example, contains 40 % from a limit established on the content of harmful substance in drinking water. By the way, on datas of statistics, 20 % of the population of New England and 25 million people on all country already are exposed to harmful effects of excessive doses of arsenic from the drinking water taken from private, noncontrollable wells.

The biggest concentration of arsenic is fixed in fruit juice and rice products, including rice milk, crackers and boiled rice. The last analysis of children’s mixes found other-wordly concentration in them required connection (at 20-30 time big, than came to light earlier). Because newborns and small children are especially sensitive to toxins and adverse effects, scientists advised to parents not to be fond of the artificial mixes containing rice or a rice syrup. They also urged not to panic without the reason as arsenic does not collect in an organism as, for example, lead or mercury.

«All problem that we really have no leading principles, the norms regulating maximum levels of arsenic in food, – complains Jackson. – Perhaps, came to count up time it?».

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