In a stomach of the Chinese baby found two germs

In a stomach of the Chinese baby found two germsThe four-months kid in China "generated" two фетуса. This unique case in medical practice of doctors-pediatrists occurred in hospital of the Chinese city of Hangchow (east Province of Zhejiang), the Chinese newspaper "Huantsyu shibao" reported.

In a stomach of the newborn found two uterine fruits. If their development occurred normally, on light, probably, would appear three normal twins, however as a result of failure, embryonic bookmarks "mixed up", and two twins appeared … in the third.

According to the doctor-pediatrist observing the child, Liu Veyguan, now they are already taken from a stomach of the boy. The largest fruit was in size with the head of the four-months kid, and the second – about his cam. Without operation the baby could and not survive, as it was compelled to support activity of "brothers" at the expense of resources of the organism.


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