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They died of AIDS

They died of AIDSEvery day about 5 000 people die of AIDS. By calculations for 2011, the progressing tendency of infection of HIV is observed – approximately each 6 seconds there is an infection of one healthy person, that is about 7 400 people per day from which 1000 are children. Thus only a half of victims addresses for the help as not everyone learns about a problem at once. Before emergence of the first symptoms of a disease passes some months, and even years Continue reading

Sarkoidoz, part I: classification, etiology, clinic

Sarkoidoz, part I: classification, etiology, clinicSarkoidoz (from Greek sarx, sarcos – meat, a flesh + eidos – a look) – the polysystem disease of an unknown etiology relating on the morphological features to group гранулематозов.

Historical background
The first mention about саркоидозе skin (so-called papillyarny psoriasis) belongs to 1869 (J.Hutchinson). In 1889 of E. Besnier also described skin defeat at the patient after freezing injury of fingers, having called it is lupus pernio. In 1899 Continue reading

Sarkoidoz, part II: clinic, diagnostics, treatment

Sarkoidoz, part II: clinic, diagnostics, treatmentClinic
Frequency of detection саркоидоза sharply increased with introduction of the preventive photoroentgenography which has revealed an asymptomatic course of this disease approximately at 40 % of patients. At 40 % gradual, hardly noticeable development of the illness, being shown is observed by nonspecific symptoms. Weakness, increased fatigue, perspiration, unproductive dry cough are observed. In process of progressing of an illness there Continue reading

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