Nomofobiya – not an illness, and a social phenomenon

Nomofobiya – not an illness, and a social phenomenonAre afraid to lose the mobile phone? Unexpectedly start to look for it on pockets or on all apartment? Shudder at thought, what forever lost so necessary subject in life? The diagnosis is clear: all these manifestations of a nomofobiya, fear to lose the cell phone providing contact to native, friends and other outside world.

As organizers of poll which has been carried out by the OnePoll and SecurEnvoy companies found out, the number suffering from a nomofobiya constantly grows: two from each three respondents recognized that feel fear to lose phone. Four years ago such fear was observed at a half of participants. Especially nervously perceive threat to lose a portable tube of the person at the age from 18 till 24 years.

One of heads of SecurEnvoy Andy Kempshell considers: all the matter is that people in an everyday life in the increasing degree depend on a mobile communication system. «Phone is something bigger, than simply expensive subject which you constantly carry with yourselves as, for example, jewels, – the news agency of Post-media of a news gives his words. – This means of communication with the world. And losing it, you appear almost in the same situation as though at you the wallet with all money and keys disappeared: habitual lifestyle is broken, and you to anybody cannot talk».

Meanwhile, experts refuse to put a nomofobiya in one row with stressful conditions and a depression. The head of the Center of researches of mental disorders at St. Joseph’s hospital (Province of Ontario) Randi McCabe assures of Hamilton that loss of the cell phone «this only temporary violation of a network of social contacts and a hindrance to rules of social etiquette». Thus it does not deny the existence of the symptoms connected with a nomofobiya, however believes that it is better to consider this condition not as a stressful situation, and as a social phenomenon.

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