How to cure cold at the child: useful devices

How to cure cold at the child: useful devicesCold – the most frequent symptom of cold and ORVI at children. It is a problem is serious at least because the congestion of bacteria and their toxins occurs in dangerous proximity from a brain. If cold not to treat, he leads to otitis, antritis, bronchitis, sometimes to pneumonia, and also causes oxygen starvation of a brain. Unfortunately, to get rid of an unpleasant symptom in short terms not always it is possible even to the professional doctor, not to mention the parents of the fallen ill child who are carrying out therapy in house conditions. Meanwhile, that rates of recovery are slowed down, are not guilty neither mother with the father, nor the doctor. The whole matter is in time omission. More often the kid gets on survey to the expert too late that that could stop the first symptoms of an illness and let’s to them extend and expand (sometimes the second day of a disease is already late). As to that moment when the indisposition has an effect for the first time, here parents are quite often lost, as do not know how to cure cold at the child. Someone hurries in a drugstore behind drugs, someone begins to pound onions and garlic in kitchen, but only the few are informed on existence of the useful devices, capable to facilitate and accelerate recovery of the kid.

Aspirator for a nose (in the people – «соплеотсос»). It is the device working by a principle of electrovacuum pumps and intended for an otsasyvaniye of slime from a nasal cavity. For the kid who yet has not learned сморкаться, such device is simply irreplaceable. For contents removal from small nouses there is a mass of adaptations: from a usual rubber pear (enema) and primitive accessories with a plastic tube (when mother or the father literally a mouth suck away separated of a nose) to almost professional devices of the Coclean, B.Well or Arctic Light type. Advantage of specially developed devices on batteries is obvious, after all using a rubber pear it is possible to injure a tiny nose of the child, and applying the device with a tube to a mouth – in addition to infect it (or). The semi-professional aspirator is easy-to-work, has a soft silicone nozzle which does not injure mucous a nose, and is developed specially for cold treatment. It very quickly deletes the collected slime and works almost silently (it is possible to use even during a dream of the child). The aspirator will allow to solve a stuffy nose problem at babies, and the most important – will prevent infection development. At more adult children sometimes it is considered rational nose washings for the purpose of a razzhizheniye of separated contents then the aspirator is applied. Such procedure is possible, but it is necessary to remember that the traditional way of washing (into one nostril flows, from another – follows) is capable to tire out pus from a nose through an Eustachian tube in a middle ear with the subsequent development of otitis. In this regard the main thing ruled washings: solution introduction inside and contents otsasyvaniye from a nose should be made through the same nostril. The child during this moment should sit, having slightly inclined the head (not to lie at all). For washing it is not so obligatory to use expensive solutions with sea salt, the whole and ordinary physical solution not bad will be suitable for these from the next drugstore.

The dark blue lamp is also shown for improvement of function of external breath. It is the oldest device which was traditionally used in our country in the therapeutic and preventive purposes. To apply lamps of dark blue color actively began in the XIX century. The Russian scientist, medical officer A.Minin became the pioneer of properties of a dark blue lamp. In his honor the medical device carries the name Minin’s reflector (or Minin’s lamp). The lamp generates heat, possesses antibacterial, antiviral effect and fights against inflammations. During researches it was proved, what even dark blue light influences the general strengthening on a human body: normalizes biochemical composition of blood, improves work of heart and lungs, stimulates immune system. This therapeutic means by warming up of various sites of a human body promotes recovery at nasmorka, ORVI, otitis and other diseases, and also pains. It is recommended to carry out sessions for 5-10 minutes of warming up every 15 minutes 3-4 times a day. Lamp use on an extent more than without interruption is undesirable 20 minutes. Besides, it is necessary to protect eyes not to get a retina burn. It is very convenient device which can be applied effectively at treatment of children. Moreover, the dark blue lamp is at many the house (as a dowry from parents), but in most cases becomes dusty idle – we simply forgot, as it to use.

Kvartsevatel "Sun". Probably, almost everyone faced with traditional and favourite many the ENT specialist-doctors the UFO physiotherapeutic procedure. It is one of modern methods of treatment of pathological diseases by means of optical radiation of an ultraviolet. Now with special nozzles cones it is possible to use the device and at home. The ultra-violet irradiator "Sun" has the demountable forward panel and three tubes. It is intended for carrying out procedure of radiation – both local, and local – at treatment of many diseases, including – ORZ and cold. Certainly, parents should realize that it – «heavy artillery», to use such equipment at own will it is impossible. To carry out procedures by means of a kvartsevatel it is possible only after internal consultation of the doctor and development of a certain strategy of treatment by it. However, having received from the expert accurate recommendations about duration and character of sessions of UFO, you can safely carry out house physiotherapy, without visiting special offices in clinic and without subjecting the kid to risk to pick up in turn or public transport any complication. One more plus of the device – possibility to use it for radiation of rooms to destroy microbes and an infection (for these purposes the device use and in many first-aid posts).

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