How to calculate an ovulation

How to calculate an ovulationIn 2008 the Belgian scientists absolutely casually made some shots of the moment of an ovulation, that is an exit of the ripened ovum of a yaichnik (see a photo). Unique pictures were made by group of doctors under the direction of professor Jacques Donna (Jacques Donnez) during operation on partial removal of a uterus which was led to the 45-year-old woman in hospital of Catholic university Luvena (Brussels). The moment of an exit of an ovum from the ripened follicle was fixed by the chamber-endoskop entered into a cavity of a small basin of the patient. The turned-out photos – it is 10 times more on quality of all of what were at the disposal of scientists up to this point. They in many respects threw light on physiological features of so important process. For example, the theory of an instant exit of an ovum from a follicle was dispelled totally. As it appeared, all action takes not less than 15 minutes. However the ovulation interests far not only men of science, but also all female half of mankind.

The ovulation (from Latin ovum – egg) is one of stages of the menstrual cycle, representing process of a rupture of a mature follicle with an exit of a capable ovum to fertilisation from a yaichnik in an abdominal cavity. To learn about the optimum moment for conception to future mother and it is necessary to calculate day of an ovulation. As a matter of fact, from a body cavity the ovum gets in фаллопиеву a pipe where just and there is a fertilisation. On the other hand, calculating a required stage of the cycle, many women try to secure themselves against undesirable pregnancy, on the contrary. As to calculate an ovulation?

On the average, the ovulation attacks the fourteenth or fifteenth day of a menstrual cycle (at a 28-day cycle). However the deviation from these indicators is observed quite often and, in a certain degree, is norm. Let’s begin with that duration of a menstrual cycle at different women makes from 21 to 35 days (and 28 days are only «average temperature on chamber»). This size is calculated from the first day of one periods to first day of the following. Meanwhile, duration of a menstrual cycle in itself is not a reliable source of information on day of approach of an ovulation.

Calendar method. If all of you decided to rely only on dates, at least half a year is required to watch the menstrual cycle. After that it is necessary to define the shortest and longest cycle for this interval of time. To calculate the first fertilny day, it is necessary to take away from number of days of the shortest cycle 18. You will find the last fertilny day of a cycle, having taken away 11 from number of days of the longest menstrual cycle. As a result you received two numbers are serial numbers of days of the following cycle which limit the period favorable for conception. We remind that the calendar method of contraception (that is calculation of date of an ovulation) is the extremely unreliable. It is possible to become pregnant in any day of a menstrual cycle. We for 100 % can be never sure that date of an ovulation was not displaced. In some cycles the ovulation does not occur at all – and it too norm.

Symptoms of an ovulation which the woman can notice without the doctor:

  • short-term pains in the bottom of a stomach,
  • increase in a sexual inclination.

Than the doctor can help to define if necessary an ovulation:

  • Ultrasonic supervision (ultrasonography) over growth and development of a follicle and definition of the moment of its gap (ovulation). Ultrasonography with use of the vaginalny sensor is necessary to pass each 2-3 days.
  • Dynamic definition of a lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone (LG level) in urine. This method is quite simple and can be applied in house conditions through use of tests for an ovulation. 2 times a day start to lead them in 5-6 days prior to expected date of an ovulation with periodicity, strictly following the instruction.

The Tservikalny method is also one of ways of natural planning of a family. Since last day periods should be watched a consistence of cervical slime, bringing supervision in the table, for descriptive reasons. Optimum, if you choose special designations for different types of slime:« dry» days when the area of a vagina remains to the touch dry, "fertilny" when any type of slime, and "dangerous", when slime damp and viscous is observed. The last day from among "dangerous" is just and there is time optimum for conception. It is necessary to pay attention to slime several times a day then to expose the corresponding symbol in the diary or a calendar. However are again compelled to warn about discrepancy of a method. Fluctuations of level of hormones which influence cervical slime, can lead to that several times for a cycle you will observe viscous damp allocation though the ovulation does not occur. It is so possible to consider wrongly that dangerous day passed, and to cease to be protected ahead of time (or to pass really necessary date).

Measurement of bazalny temperature. The ovulation influences minor changes of body temperature of the woman. As it became clear, everything can affect shift of date of an ovulation, everything: stress, change of a way of life, health, application of medicines. For this reason a method of measurement of bazalny temperature you can obtain more exact data, than on a calendar. Moreover, it is one of the main methods of an assessment of a fertilnost (ability of a zheshchina to conception), recognized by World Health Organization (WHO). To take bazalny temperature (BT) it is necessary from first day of a menstrual cycle (that is from first day of periods) in the morning (at the same time daily). It is possible to hold a thermometer in a mouth, in a vagina or it is rectal, and the last is more preferable. Many gynecologists consider, what exactly the rectal way is more authentic and gives less errors, than all the others. To an ovulation body temperature keeps at one level. As soon as you will notice small recession, it means that there was an ovulation then quite sharp temperature increase will be observed. It also is the most favorable day for conception of the child.

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