How to behave at spasms

How to behave at spasmsHappens that on your eyes at the person spasms – sudden involuntary sharply painful attacks of reductions of the muscles, consciousnesses often being accompanied by loss develop. As a rule, it occurs to those who has epilepsy. But can be as well manifestation of such serious diseases, as tetanus, meningitis, encephalitis, etc. The main thing in this situation – not to become puzzled and call the doctor, and before his arrival to render to the victim the feasible help. Thus it is necessary to remember that more than 3-4 minutes of a spasm usually do not proceed. After their termination of people does not remember that to it occurred and some time is in prostration, and also probably involuntary urination.

First aid

1. Accurately hold the person that it did not hurt the head about the sidewalk or surrounding subjects

2. Enclose it under the head something soft and turn it on one side

3. Release from close clothes (a tie, a shirt collar and so forth)

Pay attention:

  • Do not lean at all on the person in all the weight, trying to stop convulsive movements – it you only will strengthen them.
  • Do not try to move apart to it teeth hands: because of the strong spasm developing in time of spasms, the finger can suffer from a sting.

Spasms at children are connected with a hyper thermal syndrome (high temperature of a body) at ORZ more often. In this case, first of all, it is necessary to try:

1. To reduce temperature.

2. At the first symptoms of spasms put the child sideways that the head was turned aside in order to avoid asthma in emetic masses.

3. To provide inflow of fresh air.

Pay attention:

  • It is impossible to try to unclench to the child of a jaw by means of a spoon or other subject as these can injure seriously to it teeth and an oral cavity.
  • It is impossible to allow for the child to drink or eat during an attack

The spasm can be in one muscle or cover group of muscles and at the healthy person after strong loadings or a stress. More often it arises in an ikronozhny muscle after long walking. In that case it is necessary to become in a half a meter from a wall (or any other support) to emphasize in it palms at level of eyes. A healthy foot, having slightly bent it in a knee, to step forward, inclining the case. A foot cramped by a spasm to leave a straight line that the heel was densely pressed to a floor. Keep such pose within 30-60 seconds. If it is required, repeat exercise 2-3 times.

If the spasm arose during swimming in an open reservoir or the pool (in the people tell «a foot reduced»), the main thing – not to panic not to choke with water. It is necessary to stop temporarily movements by feet, to lay down on water on a back and to try to pull sharply fingers to itself or to pinch itself for caviar (still option – to prick a foot with the pin which has been beforehand attached to swimming trunks or a bathing suit before going to float).

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