Hollywood виниры (люминиры)

Hollywood виниры (люминиры)Restoration of teeth by means of Hollywood виниров is one of modern stomatologic procedures. Possibly, you already guessed that a main objective of this intervention – receiving «the Hollywood smile», that is equal, beautiful, snow-white teeth. Transatlantic stars, unlike us, use more than 30 years this "humane" technique. Procedure received special popularity thanks to the simplicity, speed and safety. The patient should not have affairs with long carrying of tooth brackets (briquettes) and to grind off own teeth in an office of the stomatologist that is important, also it is not required.

Hollywood виниры or люминиры (Laminate veneer literally "plywood") are the very thin plates made with application of special technologies of porcelain of high durability. They can be ceramic or composit. A distinctive feature Hollywood виниров from other composites is the minimum thickness – only 0,3-0,4 mm., that in 3-4 times is thinner, than at the first such slips. Heavy-duty materials thanks to special structure of a crystal lattice even at such size guarantee their reliability. Thin porcelain plates do not give effect of unnaturally convex teeth pushed forward therefore enamel before their gluing to grind off more often it is not required. It is very important detail, after all in this case tooth keeps natural protection, and the patient after removal of "artificial limbs" can return own smile again. For each tooth винир (люминир) becomes on a mold, taking into account all individual parameters and the sizes. The plate is pasted on a vestibular (external) surface of tooth by means of special glutinous structure which differs high durability, by stability to the sour environment of a mouth, guarantees dense coupling with enamel, and also is capable to keep glutinous properties till 20-25 years.

Porcelain or composite? Advantages composit виниров before the ceramic consist only in the price (on the average, cost виниров from a composite in 2-3 times less similar ceramic) and speeds of achievement of result. Quality and art level of execution entirely depend on the stomatologist, his experience, abilities and possibilities as restorer. Shortcomings at composit виниров a large quantity: the increased erasability, need for regular polishing in connection with shine loss, the fragility, the complicated hygiene of an oral cavity because of composite swelling in the damp environment, гингивит, bleeding of gums, depressurization of edges, pigmentation of borders. Service life composit виниров makes from 3-4 to 8-9 years and depends on the general level of hygiene of an oral cavity and functional load of them. It is important to know that composit materials collapse from spirtsoderzhashchy substances.

Hollywood виниры eliminate the following defects:

  • rough color of teeth
  • chips
  • flyuorozny spots
  • enamel dimness
  • unsatisfactory shape of teeth, their partial destruction
  • wide intervals between teeth (towers, диастема)
  • wedge-shaped defect
  • "tetratsiklinovy" teeth
  • small turns (torsiya) of teeth and inclinations
  • underdeveloped teeth (shipovidny), teeth with violation of development of enamel (an enamel hypoplasia, imperfect амелогенез)
  • the metal, darkened seals
  • steel and gold crowns
  • the erased edge of tooth
  • extend too short teeth
  • change group accessory of tooth (for example, a canine with the help Venus turns into a lateral cutter)
  • rough contour of necks of teeth, desnevy smile (Gum smail)

The Hollywood smile – real or artificial? The stomatologist selects виниры according to natural shades of teeth, skin, eyes and lips of the patient that formed люминирами a row was completely homogeneous and looked as much as possible naturally. Some people accept bright white color of plates, but more often the expert should address to various variations of creamy and cream shades. To naturalness to a smile gives also a material of which are made виниры. Porcelain almost completely repeats features of tooth enamel, is smooth and brilliant, has similar degree of transparency, hardness, a microrelief and wear process. For this reason degree of appeal of a final image depends on skill of your doctor, instead of from the plates which quality allows to win long ago artificiality completely.

Vinira and a crown is the same? No, restoration with the help виниров cardinally differs from installation of crowns. At work with люминирами it is not required депульпировать tooth, that is to deprive of it a bunch of nerves and blood vessels, it remains "live". To grind teeth as it was already told above, also it is not required more often. As a whole, Hollywood виниры represent easier and "soft" way of intervention. Effect from both procedures approximately the identical.

Additions. Age restrictions on installation люминиров are not present, though they, certainly, not will suit all. Procedure demands usually 2-3 visits to the stomatologist. In practice it is extremely difficult to make ceramic виниры which will appear close on color to next, nearby to the located teeth, when planning ceramic restorations it is recommended to laminate all teeth entering into the line of a smile. It is 10 teeth on each jaw more often. Hanging edges of plates occasionally provoke such diseases, as гингивит, a periodontal disease and caries of teeth. To remove винир it is not so simple (not for nothing glue superstrong), not always it is possible to execute this action, without putting enamel microtraumas.

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