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Whether there is an advantage of beer?

Whether there is an advantage of beer?Beer – the third drink on popularity in the world (after water and tea) and the most popular among alcoholic production. The history of its production totals not one eyelids, but over time the quantity of let-out grades everything increases, and their quality steadily falls. It is the immutable law of an industrial turn. Besides, in many countries everything rises a problem of beer alcoholism more sharply. In spite of the fact that this disease Continue reading

Snack on 100 calories

Snack on 100 caloriesOutside the first of March: the long-awaited spring came. Probably, behind a window while all as snowy and cold, but in soul at everyone already is sung by birds and violets blossom. Not far off the holiday season, and any woman in this regard dreams to shape up on the eve of a trip on a solar beach. To a course there are physical exercises, the diets, special gymnastics – everything that promises the lady more or less fast result on achievement Continue reading

How to give up smoking?

How to give up smoking?A few years ago serving districts Marikop (State of Arizona) were indignant with the new requirement of department for health protection which compelled them to hand over saliva samples for detection of the content of nicotine in it. Employees argued that this procedure – invasion into private life. In their opinion, it could be used for obtaining versatile confidential information about health. The described test was intended for identification Continue reading

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