Head комздрава Petersburg appointed the chief physician of policlinic from Moscow

Head комздрава Petersburg appointed the chief physician of policlinic from MoscowIn Petersburg the new head of committee on health care is appointed, reports RIA Novosti news agency. Andrey Korolyov, the chief physician of the Moscow policlinic No. 5 of Administration of the President became them.

At the end of January the previous head комздрава Yury Shcherbuk, 9 years holding these position, released a position at own will after repeatedly was exposed to rigid criticism of new governor Georgy Poltavchenko. Shcherbuk declared that would like to be engaged in teaching activity closely.

To the introduction in a position Andrey Korolyov duties of head комздрава were carried out by Vladimir Zholobov, Yury Shcherbuk’s first deputy.

The candidate of medical sciences Andrey Valeryevich Korolyov – the graduate of Smolensk medical institute. After 4х summer work as the anesthesiologist-reanimatologa in the city hospital Eagle, passed internship in RGMU. Since 1995 of Queens worked in Moscow, the doctor in AMO ZIL medical medical unit No. 1, in 2000 became the deputy chief physician of a medical medical unit, and in 2 years – the chief physician of the RONTs clinical institutes of N. N. Blochin. A position of the head of policlinic No. 5 of UDP Russian Federation, Queens occupied in 2006.

As write "News", Andrey Valeryevich decided on moving to Petersburg after the personal and persevering invitation of the new governor.

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