Golikova will retire after presidential election

Golikova will retire after presidential electionTatyana Golikova will retire after presidential election, the Vedomosti newspaper reports, quoting three anonymous officials. After appointment of the new head of the government and release of a post of the head of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development, the last will be divided into two ministries: Health care and Work.

Again formed Ministry of Labour will be engaged in adjustment of relationship between workers and employers (branch to which now, according to officials, it is not given sufficient attention), payment of sick-lists, insurance and provision of pensions. Most likely pension and social funds will pass under control of Ministry of Labor, and the fund of obligatory medical insurance remains under the authority of Ministry of Health, but finally this question is not solved yet.

Tatyana Golikova holds the position of 4,5 years. In the summer of last year according to population poll it took an honourable second place among the most unpopular ministers, having lost only to Minister of Education Fursenko. In January of the current year the prime minister, protecting Golikova in the speech, called her «the girl with character, krutovaty on shells», and also told that it holds «a rasstrelny position». In April, 2011 Putin supported criticism Roshalya to Golikova, sounded at the All-Russia Forum of Medics.

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