Lethal «the syndrome of the injured heart» really exists

Lethal «the syndrome of the injured heart» really existsMortally dangerous «the syndrome of the injured heart» was revealed by the British scientists. As gave the local mass media, the condition of cardiovascular system defined by them develops owing to sudden and deep emotional experiences because of love, fear or a grief.

Advising cardiologist Alexander Lion from hospital Royal Bromton together with specialists of the London Imperial college made an attempt to understand, why some people die in few days after unexpected and devastating loss. Modern researches testify that the risk of sudden death from cardiac arrest in 16 times increases next day after death of the spouse.

Contrary to the accepted point of view that adrenaline forces heart to swing blood quicker and more strongly, at «a syndrome of the injured heart» a hormone, on the contrary, causes weakness and will partially paralyse heart work. It forces other its departments to work more intensively that can lead to crisis, approves Lyon.

«Catastrophic warm insufficiency» as it is noted, can result from shock conditions, such as attacks of insuperable fear or severe mental anguish. But to «a syndrome of the injured heart» conduct not only negative emotions. The similar effect is capable to cause and unexpected, powerful inflow of positive experiences, for example after a prize in a lottery.


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