Why spouses sleep separately?

Why spouses sleep separately?Many spouses who have lived together not one year, prefer to sleep in different beds. According to scientists, it not always is the result of cooling of the relations, and only to improve the sexual life.

Every tenth married couple does not divide one bed, and 20 % from them are divided for the night to strengthen feelings during intimate communication. To such conclusion the scientists who have analysed habits of 1192 British, married came.

One of the most widespread causes of failure from a joint spanye is snore of one of partners (24 %). Also, 23 % of respondents admitted that it is much more convenient to them to sleep. For 19 % separate beds help not to grow cold to each other sexually, and 6 % disperse on different rooms because of quarrels.

77 % of people consider strange when spouses or partners do not sleep in one bed. Nevertheless, 57 % of respondents admitted that, having quarreled with the soulmate, go to sleep separately. 74 % from those who spends night alone, do not want, that friends knew about it them.

«We were surprised, having learned that the tenth part of people do not sleep in one bed in spite of the fact that live with the spouse or the partner, however, all pairs are individual, and people choose that it is better for them and their relations», – researchers concluded.

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