Tablet computers are dangerous to musculoskeletal system

Tablet computers are dangerous to musculoskeletal systemThe American doctors sound alarm: popularity of tablet computers of the iPad type already led to growth of incidence by specific defeats of musculoskeletal system.

So, the wrong pose at work with iPad is fraught with diseases of cervical department of a backbone. Most widespread of them is a syndrome of the carpal channel at which because of long typing on the keyboard, usings a mouse or a continence of "planshetnik" in the carpal channel the median nerve is restrained and injured.

Also to users of tablet computers even more often make iPad hand diagnosis («an aypadny hand») at which chronic pain in a thumb of the left hand, testing big loading is observed at a device continence, and unpleasant feelings in elbows and shoulders which are caused by an inconvenient pose at work with iPad.

The director of the Bomontsky center of medicine of pain in Michigan John Pappas commented on a situation so: «Long use of tablet computers can cause various forms of injuries of fingers and brushes from repeating loadings. The correct bearing and frequent short breaks in work can reduce similar symptoms».

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