Rating of the most drinking professions

Rating of the most drinking professionsThe British medical association made a rating of the most drinking professions. Statistically, representatives of intellectual work are in the lead in it. So, alcoholism in Great Britain 24 % of lawyers and 7 % of doctors have. To keep anonymity in the homeland, many European representatives of intelligent professions address for the help in the foreign rehabilitation centers. Expert in narcology Alister Mordey owning clinic in Thailand, argues that the number of requests for treatment for doctors grows twice quicker in comparison with representatives of other professions.

In our country, according to researches of Association of psychotherapists of Russia, teachers, accountants and doctors more often address for the help to experts in narcology. On the second place – police officers, truckers and managers of the lowest and average link. Psychologists, actors and journalists finish «drinking ten».

The doctor of higher category expert in narcology Alexey Tsarev makes comments on current situation so: «All remove a stress – but the reasons at everyone the. At teachers is a problem of female collectives, loneliness, feeling of "waste of forces". Accountants, engineers drink from routine, a nerealizovannost of ambitions. Doctors the fatigue from responsibility "mows", night watches and availability of alcohol. Truckers – isolation from the house, nomadic life. Actors, journalists – people vulnerable, roughly note both pleasure, and a grief». Thus the doctor is convinced that treatment of dependence for alcohol should be begun not with coding, and from psychoanalysis.

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