Incidence of flu in Moscow fell in 16 times

Incidence of flu in Moscow fell in 16 timesIncidence of flu in Moscow, by data for January of the current year, appeared in one and a half ten times is lower last year’s, writes RIA Novosti news agency. The Moscow management of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights reported that in the first month 2011 nearly 3 thousand patients by flu, and in 2012 – less than 200 were registered.

Last year the flu epidemic began in the middle of the winter. In flowing by February the incidence was on a third below an epidemic threshold.

The number of cases of ORVI also decreased in comparison with 2011м year, but it is not so essential – for only 23 %.

More rare infectious diseases on the contrary increased the turns. In 3 times (to 33 people) incidence tick-borne borreliozy, increased by 15 % whooping cough (to 116 people), almost for 20 % hepatitises of a virus etiology (to 94 people).

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