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Problems of a motility of a gastroenteric path

Problems of a motility of a gastroenteric pathOn February 28, 2012 took place next конгересс the All-Russia educational Internet program for the doctors, devoted to discussion of a problem of a motility of a gastroenteric path. Experts proved an urgency of the marked direction, talked about clinical value of diagnostics of impellent violations of a gastroenteric path and practical aspects of their pharmacotherapy.

The candidate of medical sciences Yury Aleksandrovich Kucheryavy told, in particular, Continue reading

Unusual disorders of a food

Unusual disorders of a foodAs disorders of a food understand psychologically caused violations of the behavior connected with food intake. In fact is the whole group of the syndromes which have been separately allocated in MKB-10: from the nervous anorexia which is often leading to death, to spontaneously stopping overeating. And if about anorexia and bulimia it is known practically to all, about such exotic illnesses as a paroreksiya or a drinkoreksiya heard far not everyone. Continue reading