For the use of drugs will put

For the use of drugs will putThe federal service of the Russian Federation on control of drug trafficking prepared the bill providing introduction of criminal liability for the use of drugs – till two years of imprisonment or forced hard labor. The sanction will be applied in case the fact of the use of drugs will be established within a year after the person for the same act was already involved in administrative responsibility. Besides, the court can oblige accused to pass treatment and medico-social rehabilitation.

The bill found support both among deputies, and among senators. So, the deputy chairman of the Duma committee on safety and corruption counteraction Ernest Valeev is convinced that if in the Criminal code the use of drugs will belong to deliberately made crime, it will set many thinking, whether it is necessary to accept them.

Valentin Petrenko’s senator noted that in the conclusion addicts should be involved in labor activity, at the same time the medical and psychological assistance for treatment from dependence should appear them. "Should not be so that the person simply took away and planted, and tendency to drugs remained with it", – declared to Petrenko.

At the same time, according to experts, the document needs completion. The president of the Russian narcological league, the member of Public chamber Evgeny Bruhn suggests to specify in it who and on what basis has the right to establish, whether systematically the person is on drugs or not.

Now, according to the Code about administrative offenses, the use of drugs is punished by a penalty from 4 thousand to 5 thousand rubles or administrative arrest till 15 days.

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