Extract of a hydrangea slows down aging

Extract of a hydrangea slows down agingTo such conclusion researchers came from the Harward university in the USA, having studied the biochemical mechanism of effect of vegetative extract raw materials for which is the type of a hydrangea – Dichroa febrifuga widespread in Tibet and Nepal.

In traditional Chinese medicine this extract is known under the name "Chanshan" and is successfully applied to malaria treatment.

Active component of extract of a hydrangea is the substance галофугинон which can prevent autoimmune diseases. Doctors consider it as a basis for preparations on treatment of multiple sclerosis and a number of autoimmune diseases.

Also scientists established that at the use of extract of a hydrangea, as well as at starvation, in a human body the biochemical processes which are well affecting a state of health and slowing down processes of aging become more active.

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