The doctor for cold from your window sill

The doctor for cold from your window sillMany plants, in this or that look a part of drugs for cold, it is possible to grow up in house conditions and with success to use. First of all, the kalanchoe which for its medical properties in the people call simply – «the house doctor» belongs to their number.

Brother of an aloe

Kalanchoe – a sort of succulent plants of family tolstyankovy (his close relative is all known for an aloe). Its homeland – hot tropics. This perennial grassy plant with a direct fleshy stalk, often drevesneyushchy in the lower part, and elliptic leaves, gear along the edges. A flower have white-pink color.

Earlier in Europe the kalanchoe could give as a gift flower for Christmas. At us as a houseplant Degremon’s kalanchoe more often is grown up: it is capable to form on a teeth along the edges of leaves a large number of "children" – small rastenyitsa with leaflets and backs.

Leaves are rich полисахаридами, organic acids, enzymes, mineral salts, vitamins and флавоноидами. Juice and ointment from leaves of a kalanchoe possess anti-inflammatory properties, promote healing of wounds and ulcers. Are widely applied in stomatology, gynecology and surgery. In a drugstore juice of a kalanchoe can be bought in ampoules on 10 ml or in bottles on 100 ml.

Not casually traditional medicine added long ago to the arsenal curative properties of a kalanchoe. Juice from its leaves promotes fast healing of wounds and burns. Also it use for treatment of trophic ulcers and an erysipelatous inflammation (in popular speech, an ugly face) as it possesses powerful anti-inflammatory property.

The recipe most widespread in a life with use of juice of a kalanchoe is connected with cold treatment. In particular, its such manifestation, as cold. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off pair of leaves of a kalanchoe, to wash out them boiled water, to cut on small slices and to squeeze out through a gauze in two layers juice from the received kashitsa. Then slightly to dissolve it with boiled water and to dig in in a nose. It is necessary to consider that right after an instillation you will start помногу to sneeze, it is normal. And only in case you have weak vessels and you are inclined to nasal bleedings, this recipe should be used with care. But after «прочихались», the nose will be free and "will begin to breathe".

Recipes for all occasions

At wounds or ulcers it is necessary to irrigate plentifully with juice by means of a syringe, and then to apply a gauze bandage from the 4th layers, moistened with juice. Such bandage at first is better for changing daily, and then every other day. But surely once a day it is necessary to moisten in addition the bottom layers of a bandage with juice before what the top layers accurately act in film. In 14 days the heaviest wounds heal.

At burns leaves should be passed through a meat grinder and the received kashitsa with an equal layer to put on the burned place for 15-20 minutes. For this time from above it is possible to cover the burned site of skin with a gauze or a pure napkin. Such method not only promotes the fastest healing of a burn and protects from an infection, but also prevents emergence on a place of the healed burn of ugly hems.

Perfectly lotions from kalanchoe infusion help at skin diseases, and also for mouth and throat rinsing at stomatitises, гингивитах and other inflammatory processes. To prepare infusion, it is necessary to pound, fill in leaves of a kalanchoe carefully with water in the ratio 1:5, to insist 1час, then 2-3 minutes покипятить and to filter through a gauze folded double. To rinse a mouth such infusion 2-3 times a day for half an hour to food are possible.

If you have no appetite and you dream to recover, the same juice to the aid will come from a kalanchoe. For this purpose it is necessary to take 150 g of fresh juice, 250 g of honey and 350 g of good cahors wine. To draw a mix of 5 days, and then to drink on 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before food. This drink not only stimulates appetite, but also improves digestion.

And still leaves of a kalanchoe it is useful simply … is, if you have a weakened organism or you suffered recently a serious illness. They not only clear blood of harmful substances, but also promote immunity increase. So safely add leaves of the «friend from a window sill» in vinaigrette or any other vegetable salad.

For example, at the end of winter, in avitaminosis, Spring salad, on 1порцию which is required to you is very actual:

  • 80 g of leaves of a kalanchoe,
  • fennel and parsley greens,
  • 0,5 boiled quail eggs,
  • salt and lemon juice – to taste.

Leaves of a kalanchoe to wash out boiled water, small to cut, mix with small chopped greens of parsley and fennel, to salt, сбрызнуть lemon juice and to strew with the egg rubbed on a small grater.

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