English medicine for baldness

English medicine for baldnessThe HIS (Hair-Ink-Skin) company offered the British men an innovative way of fight against baldness – drawing on skin of the special tattoos simulating a short hairstyle. According to statistical calculations, in Great Britain about 10 million men suffer from baldness. Developers of new technology considered that a strong half of mankind experiences unfairly great difficulties (and in private life, and on work), connected with this unpleasant external defect. Meanwhile, to afford procedure on a hair transplant, costing it is more than 30 thousand dollars, can not all. Pleasure to put on a bald head a tattoo now it is available to all and everyone all for 3 thousand dollars.

To procedure of drawing of a tattoo apply various shades of specially mixed pigments most precisely to repeat the size, a form and density of micro hair. As a result, "drawing" turns out natural, accurate and it it is easy to mix with the real hairstyle. According to experts of HIS, the man instantly start to feel better and surer. For the last year popularity of the described service increased for 20 %.

The HIS company opened a network of clinics in Europe and the USA, having spent before it 10 years for scientific development and sharpening of technology of drawing of tattoos on the head. Leading stylists, visagistes and experts in baldness took part in researches from Melbourne, London and other large cities. The author of a technique is Jan Watson.

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