Energy saving lamps increase risk of development of a cancer

Energy saving lamps increase risk of development of a cancerIn Israel the large-scale advertizing campaign financed at the expense of the state operates and calling the population to pass from ordinary filament lamps to the energy saving. Within this campaign the consumer is offered to get three energy saving bulbs for only 20 shekels (about 5 dollars). «These lamps not only help to save money of buyers, but also substantially reduce electricity consumption», – the minister of infrastructure of Ultrasonography Landau declared, in particular.

At the same time, as they say in the program of the 10th channel of the Israeli television devoted to this question, such lamps are not too useful to health. «It is the real national scandal», – professor Haim Abraham, the head of faculty of management considers as natural resources of Hayfsky university. According to him, the waves proceeding from energy saving "candles", increase risk of development of a cancer of a mammary gland and a cancer of a prostate gland, especially if to use them at night. According to the professor, bright light of the fluorescent lamps, urged to simulate day, breaks development of a hormone of melatonin more than the usual bulbs working in a yellow range. It is considered that melatonin protects from a cancer of a breast and a prostate. Haim Abraham urges to refuse complete transition to halogen, luminescent and light-emitting diode lamps.

The German scientists adhere to the same opinion also. They came to a conclusion that it is impossible to leave energy saving lamps included too long or to place closely to the head of the person as they allocate toxic substances. They are better be not to using for reading and precisely it is not necessary to leave at a cot headboard included on all night long.

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