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How to behave at spasms

How to behave at spasmsHappens that on your eyes at the person spasms – sudden involuntary sharply painful attacks of reductions of the muscles, consciousnesses often being accompanied by loss develop. As a rule, it occurs to those who has epilepsy. But can be as well manifestation of such serious diseases, as tetanus, meningitis, encephalitis, etc. The main thing in this situation – not to become puzzled and call the doctor, and before his arrival to render to the Continue reading

How to put cups and a warming compress

How to put cups and a warming compressThe spring came, on the street considerably became warmer, and catarrhal diseases again «lifted the head». Often in this case appoint old kind means: statement a banok or warming compresses. From as far as it will be correctly made, the effect of procedure depends. So, came it is time to stop in detail on these two methods of treatment which still our grandmothers successfully used.

Banks medical

Medical banks represent glass vessels with Continue reading

How to help at an electrotrauma

How to help at an electrotraumaDefeat by an electrocurrent belongs to terminal (i.e. menacing to life) to conditions. The most part of accidents occurs at defeat by an alternating current of industrial frequency (50 Hz).

But the electrotrauma happens not only at direct contact of a body of the person with a current source, but also at arc contact when it is near installation with tension more than 1000 In (especially, if indoors high humidity of air).

The way of distribution Continue reading