Scientists presented the list of words which each child by two years

should know

Scientists presented the list of words which each child by two yearsAbsolutely necessary 25 words and phrases for communication of the smallest with the outside world were published by the American scientists. Specialists of the American association of development of a science borrowed this minimum vocabulary as report the British mass media, from 310 lexical units with which should be owned to dvukhletka. On the average, as experts, in a stock of the smallest about 150 words established. If they are limited to the 50th or smaller quantity of words and phrases, it, in their opinion, should cause a certain alarm in parents.

In colloquial lexicon a dvukhletok as scientists consider, surely should enters such words as «hi, good-bye, milk, juice and, no, a dog, a cat, a nose, an eye, banana, the car, hot, thanks, a boot, the book, everything was gone, more» and some other.

According to professor Lesley Reskoria, this dictionary minimum is intended also for identification of kids to which «should battle literally subsequently to words». «Difficulties with communication at the smallest can be the certificate of more serious problems – such as deafness or autism», – he added.

However often it is a question, according to the professor, about temporary problems in colloquial practice which then are quickly overcome. Nevertheless, Reskoria recommends to parents to address for the help if the child hardly communicates after 2 and a half years.

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