Medicine for an illness of the last Russian tsar

is found

Medicine for an illness of the last Russian tsarSuch assumption was stated by the staff of University college of London and Sacred Judas Children’s research hospital. In their opinion, in the near future for the patients having hemophilia of type B (it still call «an imperial illness»), there will be enough one injection forever to get rid of drug intake.

As the reason of hemophilia of type B the mutation serves in the X-chromosome: the organism does not develop a protein «a factor of IX» that conducts to violation of formation of a secondary koagulyatsionny stopper, and blood ceases to be turned off.

Today as traditional treatment for such patients expensive injections of «a factor of IX» which are necessary for repeating several times a week serve. The British scientists made experiment: «an adenosvyazanny virus eight», not causing symptoms at the person also changed it so that it infected cells of a liver with the genetic material corresponding to a factor IX. Thus, the entered gene "will teach" cells of a liver to develop a protein.

Volunteers whom entered a virus took part in experiment entered in three doses: small, average and big. After that at patients concentration of «a factor of IX» varied from 2 % to 12 %. According to the doctor Amita Natvani, patients from 12 % from a normal factor do not need any more supervision in hospital.

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