The razor prolongs to the man life

The razor prolongs to the man lifeThe British scientists found a consolation for the men disliking procedure of shaving. They established that men who because of quickly growing bristle are compelled to have a shave more often, have cardiovascular diseases less often, and, means, live more long, than at whom the bristle grows more slowly.

In the research which has been carried out by English experts, 2,5 thousand men from 45 to 59 years living in Wales took part. All participants interrogated about an image of their life. Having studied the received answers, researchers drew a conclusion: men who have a shave daily, have more often sex, smoke less often and less often complain of heart.

Doctors explain it so: growth rate of hair is influenced by hormones testosterone and an estrogen. And they influence emergence of cardiovascular diseases, sexual desire and plentiful vegetation on a body.

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