Borders of application of skipidarny baths

Borders of application of skipidarny bathsThe person who is interested in natural methods of improvement, for certain heard more than once about Zalmanov’s skipidarny baths. Abram Solomonovich Zalmanov was born in Russia in 1875. Upon termination of a gymnasium it arrived in the Moscow university on medical faculty. Further also actively was engaged in a yurispurdentsiya, comparative linguistics and history. And still Zalmanov became the doctor, the expert with a world name at which eminent political and public figures of that time were treated. Today its technique is not less popular.

Skipidarnye of a bath is a method of balneal therapy (the treatment specializing on carrying out water procedures) at the heart of which use of the baths containing zhivichny turpentine (a liquid mix терпенов and терпеноидов, coniferous trees received from pitches lies). Zhivichny turpentine is the main part of turpentine which is a product of distillation of a zhivitsa (fresh pitch of coniferous trees) with water vapor. As a whole, allocate the following types of turpentine:

  • zhivichny turpentine
  • wood (sukhoperegonny) turpentine receive distillation by water vapor or dry distillation of pine stubs or other resinous parts of a pine
  • ekstraktsionny turpentine receive otgonky flying fraction from the resinous substances received by an ekstraktsiya by organic solvents (usually gasoline) щепы resinous parts of wood (stubs and trunks).
  • sulphatic turpentine is a by-product by production of wood cellulose from resinous wood in the sulphatic way

However, as it was already told above, only the zhivichny version of substance will be suitable for a medical bath.

Technique of carrying out skipidarny baths in house conditions. A bath fill with warm water (37°С) to a half. It is necessary to use the water thermometer during all procedure and carefully to supervise water temperature. In the enameled capacity pour the necessary quantity of a skipidarny mix (it can be got in drugstores and specialized shops) then dilute with hot water from under the crane and well stir. The received mix from capacity pour in a bath and evenly distribute on perimeter. Remember: if insufficiently carefully to stir an emulsion in a bath, there can be burns of the most sensitive sites of skin. That it to avoid, before a bathroom it is possible to grease such sites with vaseline. Also it is necessary to avoid solution hit in eyes and on mucous membranes. The mix was dissolved? Everything is ready – now it is possible to plunge! In 3 minutes start to add boiled water. Here also it is necessary to supervise speed of temperature increase of water. At reception of a white skipidarny bath the solution temperature usually is possible to 38-39°C. At reception of a yellow skipidarny bath (hot) temperature of solution rises to 40-42°C. On termination of procedure (borrowing from 5 to 20 minutes) carefully we rise and we leave a bath (it is not necessary to be washed). Be attentive, skipidarny baths oil therefore walls and a bottom of a bath become slippery. Having appeared «out of danger», put on a terry dressing gown a wet body or turn back to a prostynye: now it is necessary to spend 1-2 hours to beds. Baths accept Skipidarnye every other day, a course at 16-20 procedures. Quantity of an emulsion (solution) for the first bath – 10-20 ml, for everyone the subsequent increase it by 3-5 ml. also lead up to 60-70 ml. on a bath. At hypersensibility of skin to turpentine, its contents it is necessary to limit 40-50 ml.

Procedure seemed to the too difficult? It doesn’t matter! Now skipidarny baths are used in medical institutions, sanatoria, in resorts in Russia, in Ukraine and in other countries, mainly where the Soviet medical school remained. Therefore, there is a chance to use services of professionals.

What treat skipidarny baths? Baths are positioned by Skipidarnye as a universal remedy of treatment. In width of the therapeutic range they cover very big circle of sharp and chronic diseases. The most popular directions of treatment mention:

  • Chronic diseases of joints,
  • Lumbar крестцовый radiculitis,
  • Osteochondrosis of a backbone (cпондилёз)
  • Vegetative polyneuritis,
  • Gout,
  • Obesity,
  • Obliterating diseases of vessels of extremities,
  • Hypertensive illness (without the expressed cardiovascular insufficiency).

For each illness select the algorithm of treatment. For example, at an elevated pressure apply "yellow" skipidarny baths, at the lowered – "white", and at normal both a "white" emulsion, and "yellow" take equally.

Contra-indications. Opinions of experts of rather possible contra-indications to carrying out skipidarny baths disperse. One consider that illnesses at which "bathing" in turpentine is hazardous to health, very many, others allocate only three-four such diseases. According to the most conservative estimates, for treatment by Zalmanov’s skipidarny baths it is possible to carry active forms of open tuberculosis of lungs, psychoses to contra-indications in the sharp period, the expressed warm insufficiency, agonalny and terminal conditions. If to look a little more widely, in the same list there will be arrhythmias, skin diseases in an aggravation, варикоз, malignant new growths, sharp phlebitis and infectious diseases. Pregnancy and the lactation period also not the best time for carrying out the described procedures.

A.S.Zalmanov considered: «Regulating water temperature, changing concentration of substances dissolved in medical baths, you have possibilities to adapt a balneoterapiya for each illness. Baths stimulate with Skipidarnye autofarmakologichesky functions which are a basis of spontaneous treatment of a sick organism».

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