Unusual disorders of a food

Unusual disorders of a foodAs disorders of a food understand psychologically caused violations of the behavior connected with food intake. In fact is the whole group of the syndromes which have been separately allocated in MKB-10: from the nervous anorexia which is often leading to death, to spontaneously stopping overeating. And if about anorexia and bulimia it is known practically to all, about such exotic illnesses as a paroreksiya or a drinkoreksiya heard far not everyone. We bring to your attention the list of the most unusual diseases such.

Ortoreksiya is a persuasive desire to eat properly, eat only healthy food. About this violation for the first time exorcised about 10 back in the USA where many watch the health unduly carefully and slightly "fanatically" (Jessica Alba tells in interview that buys only non-polluting products, for the healthy menu stand up also the Madonna, Megan Fox and Michel Obama). It is considered that in states about 6 % of the population, generally women after 35 years are subject to this disease. In Europe figures approximately the same: 6-7 %. In our country the problem while costs not so sharply as, according to opinion polls, the health is watched here by about 30 % of the population and that is not constant, and occasionally. It is interesting that ideas of correctness of a food at everyone орторексика the. One not under any circumstances will not begin to eat meat and sour-milk products as read in the glossy magazine that in them is full some fat and harmful cholesterol. Others completely went in cycles in non-polluting products, and therefore at all will not buy even greens bunch if on it there is no sticker «Does not contain GMO». The third at all cook food only houses from with own hand grown up vegetables and fruit. It happens that орторексики choose products of only certain color, for example, green or red. From similar obsession suffers not only the person aspiring to an ideal, but also his relatives whom it actively involves in pathological process, and also brands for misunderstanding.

Pradera-Willie’s syndrome – rare genetic anomaly at which there are no about 7 genes from the 15th chromosome. Frequency of occurrence: 1:12 000-15 000 newborns. This disease is characterized by the obesity which is combining with a delay of intellectual development and existence of too small genitals. At patients diabetes quite often develops. From early age patients have the constant a feeling of hunger leading to development of obesity. Adjournment of fat is observed mainly on a trunk and in proksimalny departments of extremities. Assumptions are come out that obesity at patients is caused considerable (more than in 10 times) by strengthening of synthesis of fat from acetate and the lowest processes липолиза.

Paroreksiya - a syndrome of the perverted appetite, uncontrollable bent for to eating of inedible things: from cigarets to bricks (more often: earth, ashes, art paints, minerals). The disease is very dangerous that the patient can absorb life-threatening substances or subjects. One doctors assume that omnivorous people suffer from strong intestines polypose. Other half of doctors is sure – desire to try something inedible arises at strong psychological frustration. So, for example, the inhabitant of Florida 19-year-old Tempest Henderson started to eat soap and laundry detergent after it was thrown by the boy friend. By the way, eating by women of chalk during pregnancy, though is explainable from the medical point of view, but nevertheless treats manifestations of the same paroreksiya (geofagiya).

Bigoreksiya – a mental disease to which the men who are inadequately estimating own figure and build of people around are subject generally. This painful aspiration to increase huge muscles. Muscles are the most important for sick people, but in what good they would not be to a form, always it seems to them that things look bad. Patients feel constant requirement to go in for sports, "shake", accept in large quantities special food additives for increase in muscular weight and keep to the most strict diet for body builders. The behavior of such people has maniacal, persuasive, crazy character. Even if the person high and brawny, it all the same considers itself undersized and weak. Some patients so are ashamed of the bodies that refuse to leave the house, throw school, are discharged from office and are depressed.

The syndrome of a night overeating forces the person to get out at night of a warm cozy bed and to hurry on kitchen in search of food. Sufferers cannot normally eat in the morning and in the afternoon, and the most part of calories "earn" in a night-time (without the next portion "tasty" they simply unable to sleep) because of what quite often face a problem of obesity. In psychiatry the opinion became stronger that, as a rule, night eaters are persons with a chronic stress or the heavy complex of fault generating dependence on sweet and farinaceous dishes. The disturbing feeling causing importunate «a sosaniye in the pit of the stomach», forces the person to get out from under a blanket and to go on searches extraordinary перекуса.

Drinkoreksiya (drankoreksiya) gained in recent years wide prevalence in the youth environment. As many already guessed, it is a question of a liquid alcoholic diet. It appears, someone likes to drink to relax, and someone to grow thin. Girls subject to these illness replace food calories alcoholic – in other words, start to eat much less to have possibility more to drink. Drinkoreksiya generally grasps visitors of night clubs, frequenters of fashionable bars and parties. At universities of Massachusetts (USA), for example, every sixth student suffers from the described frustration. According to a legend, the alcoholic diet was thought up in 1087 by the king of England William the Conqueror which, to dump weight, instead of food used a large number of a hard liquor. The king really grew thin, but, unfortunately, died of cirrhosis.

Braydoreksiya and a mamoreksiya – two interconnected frustration of food behavior which are observing only at women. Braydoreksiya is a part of prewedding fever which is caused by unhealthy desire of the girl to look in the holiday simply unusually. The bride usually buys in advance a wedding dress on some (or much) the sizes less necessary, then in general ceases to eat to "get" into the dress to the necessary date. Mamoreksiya – a fruit of display behavior of female celebrities. Examples of stars promptly growing thin after the delivery, such as Heidi Klum, Victoria Beckham, Rachel Zoya, are infectious and, unfortunately, badly influence mentality of pregnant women and just taken place mothers. Women in labor forget that in an environment of the known person always there is the whole suite from doctors and the dieticians making recommendations and ready to help with any situation, and are accepted for good reason independently. The rigid diet, wearisome trainings – and here already 40 % of the American young mothers get to hospital with the diagnosis a mamoreksiya. The most sad that food experiments of mother perniciously affect on health of the kid.

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