Doctors ask from the anesthesia authorities for fateful

Doctors ask from the anesthesia authorities for fatefulThe main children’s oncologist of Russia Vladimir Polyakov, the director of the Federal scientific and clinical center of children’s hematology, oncology and immunology Alexander Rumyantsev, the main children’s surgeon of Moscow Alexander Razumovsky, the director of scientific research institute of blood transfusion academician Vladimir Gorodetsky and the director of programs of charity foundation «Present life» Ekaterina Chistyakova made the letter addressed to the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Activists asked officials to make changes to normative documents to facilitate to doctors access to strong anesthetizing preparations.

According to the newspaper «Moscow news», in Russia the consumption level of opioidny analgetics is regarded as low: less than 200 statistical conditional daily doses on one million people per day while in the European countries this indicator fluctuates from one thousand to 20 thousand doses. Meanwhile, it at all the sign of that in our country is not present need for use of similar medicines. According to the president of the all-Russian social movement «Medicine for quality of life» George Novikov, 90 % of inoperable oncological patients need narcotic preparations without which pain becomes intolerable. A problem that our medical workers "are intimidated" by the strict reporting for appointment to the patient strong anesthetizing, and also the provided responsibility for his unjustified use. Strict rules are caused by anti-narcotic policy of the state. Unfortunately, today it blocks access to the corresponding preparations not only dependent, but also to the dying people needing the help.

Profile experts in the palliative help (the compelled approach to treatment of the patient with use of the medicines weakening manifestations of an illness, but not eliminating its reason) does not prepare any Russian higher education institution therefore domestic doctors are extremely ignorant of similar questions. According to the order of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development «About an order of appointment and a vypisyvaniye of medicines» (from February 12, 2007) to the workers of hospices visiting patients at home, it is forbidden to transport narcotic preparations. To the patient only his relatives or the social worker in the unique drugstore to which the policlinic in a residence, according to the recipe with two signatures (the treating and chief physician) is attached can buy an analgetic. Period of validity of the recipe makes only five days whereas the necessary preparation in most cases does not appear available.

All these and many other problems extremely complicate care of fateful people. For this reason physicians urge the authorities to enter in Russia obligatory execution of Criteria of the anesthesia accepted by World Health Organization and providing facilitated access to strong anesthetizing for doctors, and also an exception of the top limit of a dose of strong preparations for one patient.

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